Chateau tower – lookout

A highly interesting view of the surrounding countryside, on condition that there is favourable weather, is offered by a visit to the chateau tower. It was newly built after 1847 on the sight of the original collapsed tower of the Baroque chateau. It had never had deep foundations and in the course of the radical rebuilding of the first courtyard in the 19th century, the front building, which made up the supporting wall of the Baroque tower, was pulled down. The newly built neo-Gothic tower with battlements measures 52 metres from the courtyard, 58 metres from the lower parterre of the chateau park, and it is a little lower than the Black Tower in the nearby České Budějovice, which measures 71.9 metres. It is interesting that the number of stairs leading to the gallery of the chateau tower is higher by about 20, altogether 245.

In the case of bad weather (heavy wind, rain or storm) the tower is closed. 

Castle tower 

Basic information

  • duration minutes
  • unlimited

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1. 5.–31. 10. Mon–Sun 10.00–16.00


reservation not necessary